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Welcome to MSU-Q

MSU-Q Offers:

Breadth of expertise at one site: MSU-Q offers a rich breadth of quantum algorithm, theory, and experiment expertise – all located at one university. Collaborations and partnerships are welcomed.

Years of quantum expertise: Researchers at MSU-Q first began to explore methods to control and readout qubits in a variety of materials systems over two decades ago. Some of this MSU work has been instrumental to all of today’s quantum technologies.

Large research training, education, and workforce development program:  Centered at one of the nation’s largest universities,  MSU-Q offers one of the largest and most extensive quantum computing, science, and engineering education and training programs in the world.  As such, MSU is an excellent location for undergraduate and doctoral studies, postdoctoral training,  and visitors, as well as an ideal location for companies, universities, and other entities to find interns and employees.